Jan 5, 2009


Hi, Happy New Year of 2009, glad to write and share again. Was busy with some gigs lately and have slowed down my blog's update. It' good too cos I have more information from my latest client.

What info? A lot of client seems to be upset by previous weddings that they have attend. Luckily I gave them a different point of view and they had a memorable night for themselves. At first, they actually not wanted our band service but only the emcee service. Why? Because they told me the band from their friend's wedding was very noisy.

Mmm... good point! Let me discuss this matter with you then.

1. The charges of the band makes a big difference- I was told that the charges of their freind's wedding was below the charges of the proffesional band. Well, if the charges is cheaper and that of course will reflect the quality of the band. That doesn't mean a high charges band will suit you too. The solution is to find out more about the band you like to engage - by seeing their demos.

2. Band with a live drum - band with live drum will be noisy in a closure or small area. Strongly suggest if you are not inviting a lot of guest or having a very big capacity ballroom, please do not hire a band that has drum set. Try to hire a sequence band ( like us- demo at http://beanpro57.webs.com or professional jazz band that has more musicians ( because the music they played are not programmed so you need more musicians to play to have fuller support ). Of course, more musicians will be a wee bit more costly. Up to the budget that you can put up for your wedding then.

3. Karaoke/minus one singers - If you have gone to pub or chinese clubs for happy hour you should know what I'm trying to tell you then. The karaoke/minus one singers need to sing at a very loud volume for that is a custom for most of them.If you really like to have a loud performance then, that would be fine.

4. Sound system - The support of a good set of sound system is very important. Do consider to rent from a good sound provider. A good set of sound system makes a very big difference for the band/performer.

That's all I would like to share today and will try to update the next topic on musician's hardship as soon as possible. Bye!