Oct 30, 2008


Hi,hi, I'm back again. Just to tell everyone out there that my name has a change in spelling. From Annie to Any. Why? Because this is what in my mind.Anytime,Anyhow,Anytime, I'll be there for you.Got the catch?

The topic I'll like to share is as above:- concerning about the usage of confetti. Well, using confetti in your wedding is alright, indeed is a good idea. But, must use at the right time and right angle.

For instant, "Walk in", that's a good time to use the confetti and for Chinese is a good gesture for using confetti because Chinese belived in loud noise/sound can drive away all negatives. But, Please, please ask the confetti popper not toaim the confetti towards the couple or their wedding line cos I have come across client that got the paper shredding in their eyes and had a hard time to clear their eyes to continue walking in as normal. Point the confetti upwards, to avoid any unnessicities to happen to the couple, for the day is their day, we have to try our best to give them the best memory.

Advice for emcee, if things happened, try to help the couple by saying things like thank you and etc....(whatever things that come across your mind) to help them cover the moment. I have tried my best on the past client and they thanked me for that. I really felt good instantly that I could help them for that moment. ( To me! wfew! Thank God for giving me the fast thinking brain. That really gave me a chill down my spine)

Next, some of my client tried popping the confetti during their champagne pouring moment. That would be fine if you have them to pop pointing outward but not towards the stage. For, I have come across this couple who ask friends to popped towards the stage where they were standing and the impact of the confetti actually shattered the champagne glass tower. That turned out really sour moment for their parents. For, Chinese believe is not good to have anything happen to the champagne glass tower ( which represent- the status of the couple's marriage ). Then again, emcee, please do your job by turning the situation back to positive again.

That's all from now first. Next, I will like to share more on other subject. Till then, let me straighten my thoughts first and shall share more with our couple to be. Cheers! (wait for my next subject, O.K., promise ya!)

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Oct 7, 2008


Since I, myself is in entertainment line for almost 16 years and most of my past functions are weddings that's why I have the thought for this blog. Of course, this is the column to share advice and suggestion for brides and grooms to have a memorable wedding reception and dinner.( I don't dare to say "perfect" wedding as some of my client did, cos sure something will go wrong and the"perfect" word became jinx -opps! not really that drastic la just joking! )

I have come across three client that I have quoted them my pricing but they called me back telling that the dinner venue provider will give them their in house musician performing for
FREE in their wedding dinner package. Well, I can't force them of course. FREE. I can't perform for FREE. Then, their wedding dinner passed and they called me back to tell me how regret they are.

1st:- The performance is only for about
20-45 minutes that left other gab empty and bored the friends and relatives.
2nd:- The selection of songs- imagine they sing sad lyric songs in a Chinese wedding.Why? easy because they are foreigners how do they understand bout Chinese custom?
3rd:- They perform this during their
break from other outlets, so they barge into the ballroom while the host ,bride and groom and in laws doing "Toasting ceremony" on the stage while the musicians are busy setting up their instruments,running cables saying " excuse, excuse" and better of all sound checking while you are there yelling " YUM SING" ( Uhh! Sound check 1,2 1,2,)

Hearing this from my regret clients, I have to let all bride and groom to be: "BEWARE" nothing is good and is
FREE.The venue provider actually has few options for you as complimentary:-a) singers and musicians, b) Free usage of projector and screen for your slide shows, c) Complimentary reserved tables for dinner reception

Why not just take item c, for you can invite more friends and relatives to be at your dinner so the ang pow that you recieved can cover for your professional musician fees. hee hee.

Of course, if you have friends offering you to sing at your wedding dinner, please make sure you know how well they sing and the song lyric has no sad meaning ( if you don't mind about the lyric then you can relax on this matter of course ). Still I don't think is good to stress out your friend ( she or he give ang pow leh ) so let the professional musician do their job.Anyway this a once in a lifetime event.

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