Jul 13, 2009

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It's time to update for the month of July, lately I received a lot of phone calls, however, all the phone calls I received is of the same story I'm going to share with all my blog reader today.

Is really interesting because the phone calls I received in June is actually asking for the booking in the month of June too. It will be actually very late to book a wedding singer/ band that is your liking. The client that called me on 7 June is actually asking for 14 June. Answered the phone call telling her I was booked by other client and she asked me with disappointment why so early I'm already booked. Having the idea that she can only book the singer/band a week earlier from her date.

So, to avoid disappointment, please be advance on your bookings. The bookings or confirmation with deposit can actually done in 6 months advance. A lot of my other client, if they knew their date is actually a “ wong yat “( date that has a lot of couple getting married ) they will even book their date as early as 8 months.

Call now, and survey earlier, because your favourite wedding singer/ band might not be available when you have decided to have them for your wedding. You might felt incomplete for not having them. Don't worry so much on the expenses for your ang pow can covered that area, ha ha ha. Be merry and , CHEERS!