Jun 12, 2009


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Hello again! It's been some time I haven't been updating my blog writing. That is because I had a lot of songs preparation to do. I will try to keep track with all my writing again.

Today, I will like to share a don't with my fellow musicians. Although I know this in the title of wedding do's and don'ts but this will consider as an issue also. For is useful not only for the couple and musicians, but to the guest that are participating weddings too.

Some couple will like to put up their wedding dinner in a famous location where everybody will know; especially the 5 stars hotel that are around the heart of city. But however, some couple will like to have their dinner in a location that is a bit hide out or not too easy to access.

Last Sunday, I was hired for a wedding function which held in a not easy access location. Thanks to all the search engines, I've got the map and the address of the location very easily. I started my journey early. Luckily I decided to start my journey early, because even with all the information that I got from the web, the location is really difficult to understand. I even studied the map upside down. Well, after all the searching at last I reach the location 2 hours later. So, I will strongly advise all my fellow musician friends not to take for granted. Check the place out if you really have no idea where; and ask the couple to assist you with the landmark.

I have experienced once, that I was only hired as the emcee for the night and there was a different band that they hired. The unpleasant part was, the band arrived at 7.00 p.m. With all the rush and even sound checking while guest already in the hall.. Umm... that needs a lot of ponder. Do you want to have this situation? The couple worried, the musicians were stuck in the traffic jam and with all the commotion the couple threaten them about the payment. Well, I wouldn't like to put myself in that kind of situation.

Actually the last part that I would like to enhance for this write up is :- For wedding couple, I knew there would be a place that really memorable for both of you which is really hide out for your dating purposes. But if you want to put up your wedding dinner at that particular place as well.... I would strongly suggest.. DON'T.. because that will either end up with the situation I mentioned as above or your guest lost their way and decided to go home instead of coming to your dinner. But if you plan to do so, please well plan all the information so these situation won't happened on you.