Apr 25, 2009

About MACP and PPM License



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To All brides to and grooms to be...

It's been some time I've wrote, good to have subjects that I can write again. Lately, there been quite some couple coming to me having the same quiries. Well. is all about the lincense that they have to apply.

There is a venue that kept on pastuering couples to apply for the following license which are the PPM and MACP license. This will actually effect couple to hire band for their wedding dinner.Why? is all because the fees of applying these both license is quite expensive. Two license could be touching about RM 1,000.00. that's why.. with this heavy burden who wants to hire band? That will only add on to a lot of expenses.

But, DON'T WORRY, we have checked out from both license company; and guess what??? GOOD NEWS.. Ladies and Gentlemen, we will like to announce this to all Malaysian couple and to foreign couple that will be having their wedding dinner in Malaysia.. PPM and MACP is FREE for the one in a life time event.. YES.. That means you don't have to apply for both license in concern...

So.. if any sales personel that approach you and telling you that you need to apply for these two license.. Yeah.. you can tell him/her this license are not necessary... It's Free....

That's all for today.. hopefully our blog supply great info to all couples.. see ya..