Oct 12, 2009


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It’s been sometime I haven’t share stories in my blog. Yes, is busy for a moment and will be busy in the coming month ( October ) too.

I thought of not writing this incident but I will think that if I share this, it might be beneficial to some of my fellow friends that are musician or emcee. And also a good precaution to the couples that are getting married soon.

This was happened on 4 October in a restaurant at Jalan Bukit Bintang.

First, we arrived at that place at very early hour in the morning, because we have to set up for the luncheon wedding function that the couple hired us for that day.

The security was good and treat us with courtesy. That really make me think that I would be having a nice day there. However…..

We set up while the restaurant is blaring with their loud volume of Chinese songs. Well, we don’t mind at all but we will definitely need their help to off their system for we need to sound check.

Soon, they have done with their table setting, I was asking them for the arrangement of food before our performances. Well, No action at all and yet the sales that serve my client hasn’t reached the place yet.

Nevertheless, when the projector screen arrived to the sceen, because of the limited space on stage, we had to move the champagne fountain tower to another side while we remained the cake table on the other side…. Then, the capten of that place stared nagging to us about separating the table means the seperation of the couple.. Well, I told her, I’m the emcee and I know that is fine and it happened in a lot of hotel having these kind of setting too. She ignore me and straight complained this matter to my client and mention about seperation from starting of the function till the end of the function. Hoo boy, I can’t stand that kind of treatment to me and told her to shut up or she became the emcee for that day and told her that she is the one who bad mouth the couple to have seperation if that ever happened.

The next interesting incident of that day is…..

During the cake cutting ceremony, the knife missing in action. My client were asking what happened to the knife?? And there the other staff were accusing us for shifting the cake table and champagne tower that’s why they lost the knife, where the truth is the sales saw some kids playing with that knife and she safe kept it till they have forgotten all about the knife and didn’t prepare it for the couple’s BIG MOMENT.

The toasting ceremony arrived, my part was flowing well. All the personal that involved in toasting ceremony was on stage… The champagne still remaining there with no action of serving from the staff. Bean couldn’t bear to see that situation and he started helping by dividing the champagne from the highest glass to other glasses so all involved will have the same level of champagne in their glasses. Out of our expectation, the staff suppose to serve on stage, came to Bean and told him to serve instead of she is the one who supposed to serve. Is Bean a waiter????? If they pay us for this, I be the first who gladly do it. Well???

Please don’t fall for these kind of service anymore.. Is really heartache and headache.

Ladies and gentlemen, reviewing Chinese restaurant of the year, best services of all?? Flower Drum…

That’s all for today. Write to you the soonest.