Nov 25, 2008


To all my client that got married lately:- Congratulations! And thank you for sharing information about BRIDAL HOUSE PACKAGES & PROMOTIONS.

So, I actually heard all these stories from my client and decided to share these information with my blog.

All these stories has a common content which is:- The Promotions that the bridal house given is not the same as what is written.

  1. The photos taken and will promise to call for first viewing in within 2 weeks became about 2 months to have the first viewing.

  2. Every item that promise to be given as free not given but have hidden charges in them. e.g.- hair do, amount of photos to be given as edited version, photographer and videographer on actual wedding day for free service and etc...

  3. The photo frame that they promised has no stock at very last minute. Hmm!

  4. The gown they promised to rent to you for your actual day during photo shoot but telling you that is taken by a better package bride... and left a out dated gown for you just because you are having a promotion package.

  5. Photos slide edited with full of unwanted templates which you don't like at all but refused to reedited another one. Telling you that they would do it, but give you at last minute so you can only find out that they didn't redo for you.

  6. Promised to have 4 hair style during pre-wedding photo shoot however, after finished everything then give you a bill for charging extra hair do during the session.

  7. Free photographer and videographer for you at actual wedding day, but tell you that they are charging RM1,800.00 only for you have taken their package. You have no choice but to take it because you don't have time to hire anymore. ( where you can get at RM 1,600.00 market price)

Well, all the above is what I have heard lately.

I would strongly advice, if they ever give any extra services and promotions please use your handphone to record what they promised and make them give you a black and white contract on that , then only you are secure. Even better if you have a video cam or handphone to record the visual with sound.

Luckily, they haven't start to give any free entertainment packages yet. If they do, please consider whether that would be true and also refer to my topic: Do not except free musician from venue provider. Till then, Adios amigos and amigas.

Coming up next, more about musicians having a hard time with........