Mar 24, 2009



8th of March... Not only it is International Women's Day, it was also Calvin and Celine's wedding dinner night. The dinner was hosted in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. We started our journey a day ealier, 7th March and stranded in heavy traffic jam along MRR2. Everybody was going back to their hometown for 9th March was public holiday. The journey was quite hectic, because some drivers driven very carefully on the road where I'm quite a fast moving person. However, we survived the whole 6 hour plus journey and reached Kota Bharu, Kelantan at about 6.30 p.m.

We were given the accomodation at Celine's furniture shop upstair's with a air conditioned room. Calvin then invited us to his house and his mother -  a very skillful house wife, prepared a very famous dish in Kelantan for all of us. "Nasi Kerabu", green colored rice with fish floss, coconut flakes, mint leaves in fine pieces, ginger strips, fine lemon grass and with fish sauce called "budu". Two thumbs up for Calvin's mum, a divine and tasty dish, a very good cook. Heard that the green rice is actually cooked with 11 kind of herbs water.

Later that night, we went to KB Mall, a new mall in Kota Bharu. I had to go bacause I forgotten to bring my contact lens. Thanks to Calvin's friend Bryan and girl friend Therese, they are the one who brought us all around everywhere to shopping and sight-seeing. Is a great developement in Kota Bharu for having this mall, I actually can purchased daily use contact lenses even with my high power of short sighted and estimatism. Another 2 thumbs up.

The next day, the actual day of Calvin and Celine's marriage. We went there to the party at their house at around 11.30a.m. This day, they are serving another famous dish of Kelantan. " Nasi Dagang"- red coloured rice with various dishes like curry chicken, curry fish, vegetable and etc... Very tasty. We then went back to get our stuff and prepared to go for set up and sound check in Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu.

Met another band-Ray's band there and decided to jam together for the 1st set. Calvin's idea of getting me to play violin with them during their walk in given me the biggest lime light and great round applause. Very happy and felt successful for that moment. Thought that will be quite though to please most of the guest there for all chinese in Kelantan speaks hokkien ( I don't understand much of hokkien) but turn out in a very appreciative crowd for that night... Very very happy....

9th March - day to go home. Before going home, Bryan and Therese brought us for a short shight seeing tour to vsit most of the "wat"- temples. They treated us with famoust porridge and also a scrumptous malay food. They even brought us to buy keropok and also pack us with kuih bahulu to bring home. Thank you so much.... Bryan and Therese you are indeed a very reliable friend to us.. We then took  another 6 hours plus trip and went home safely.

Thanks to Calvin and Celine too. This trip is actually very meaningful and warm to us for the first time, we felt the sincere from Kota Bharu and big success in our performance.